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Why regional identity is a much bigger problem for the Conservatives than Labour

We tend to think that within the UK, it is only Northern Ireland which has identity politics. Putting that conventional thought another way, Northern Ireland’s politics would be identity politics along a Unionist / Nationalist axis, whilst the rest of … Continue reading

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A large ray of light about to be shone on the Iraq war?

Tony Blair is under fire, yet again, over the Iraq war. This time, the focus is on the legality of the war. In the course of the Iraq Inquiry headed by Sir John Chilcott, currently taking place, Lord Goldsmith, the … Continue reading

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Opinion polls – ignore them until 2013 if you can

I don’t like talking about opinion polls just after a general election. Unfortunately, the media stuffs them into one’s face. This has been particularly so during the recent Oldham and Saddleworth by-election, which Labour won. I treated that result with … Continue reading

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Could we have a constitutional lock to protect our economy?

There were plenty of attacks on the Labour Party during the Conservative Party conference.  They were not just enjoyable to listen to.  They were justified.  However, there was one part of David Cameron’s speech which did perplex me slightly.  Of … Continue reading

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Labour petition to fight elections in Northern Ireland

Over on the East Belfast Diary, Jenny Muir has posted a request for people to sign a petition requiring Labour Candidates to stand in Northern Ireland.  At present, the Labour Party does not allow members to stand.  I have signed … Continue reading

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Does the Conservative Party have an Ideology?

I have not made up my mind about whether the election of Ed Milliband as Labour leader was a good or a bad development for the Conservative Party.  Most of the Newspaper journalists seem to think it was a good … Continue reading

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Politics, Plate tectonics and the destruction of the Liberal Democrats

Before the recent General Election, David Cameron boasted that the Conservatives would have a Candidate in all 650 seats across the UK. The 650 became 649 when it was decided not to field a CU candidate in Fermanagh and South … Continue reading

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