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Why regional identity is a much bigger problem for the Conservatives than Labour

We tend to think that within the UK, it is only Northern Ireland which has identity politics. Putting that conventional thought another way, Northern Ireland’s politics would be identity politics along a Unionist / Nationalist axis, whilst the rest of … Continue reading

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Northern Ireland can save Companies from leaving the UK with low Corporation Tax

All over Britain, there are stories of Companies becoming impatient with the UK tax regime and looking to relocate elsewhere. The Treasury is well aware of this and overtures of better times ahead have been made to the business community. … Continue reading

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Cutting public spending early now vindicated by OBR report

Yesterday, in the House of Commons, George Osborne provided an upbeat statement of Britain’s economic prospects following the publication of the latest Office for Budget Responsibility  (“OBR”) report.   The main findings of the report are (1) GDP growth for this … Continue reading

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No satisfactory rationale emerges from the Government on £7 billion loan to Ireland

So Britain is making a loan to Ireland of €7 billion, just like that. We are told that it is in the National interest for Britain to do this. George Osborne has said that Ireland is a “friend in need.” … Continue reading

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Cutting public spending creates more votes for the Conservatives in 5 years time?

An interesting angle on the budget has been provided by James Forsyth in the Spectator.  Forsyth portrays George Osborne as a Tory equivalent of Gordon Brown, seeing the budget in terms of political calculation.  He believes that whereas Brown created … Continue reading

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