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UUP leadership race – Nothing in it for the Conservatives

Well, at least we now have a contest for the leadership of the UUP.  I do not propose to go into the political differences between the two candidates.  Others will do a better job than me.  What is important to … Continue reading

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Conservative leadership still wants link with the UUP?

I don’t know whether or not I should be feeling depressed or excited.  Certainly, if there was no prospect of a new centre-right party in the offing, it would be the former.  Yesterday, the Newsletter reported: “Co-chair of the Conservative … Continue reading

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McGuinness Invitation: Conservatives must not be distracted by history

Most jokes offend some person or group.  That is because most of them involve some kind of prejudice or man’s inhumanity to man.  I enjoy most jokes.  I also completely understand that they are offensive to people who would identify … Continue reading

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McNarry’s backward-looking politics

In response to last week’s articles on moving Northern Ireland politics forward, Senior UUP MLA  David McNarry has written a letter to the Belfast Telegraph.  Here are the central parts of what he has written: “To begin with, let me demolish … Continue reading

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If Northern Ireland politicians played the Centre Right game with the Conservatives, the rewards could be enormous

At the moment, the UK has a budget deficit of around £150 billion a year.  The Coalition Government has embarked upon an austerity package which will see that deficit reduced to £20 billion over the next 5 years.   The National … Continue reading

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More alternative medicine needed to make NHS cheaper and better

My sister is a very successful medicine person.  She is qualified as a Nutritional therapist and a Kinesiologist.  I will use the pseudonym “Susan” when I refer to her.  Her identity does not need to be known on this blog.  After all, … Continue reading

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Orange and Green bigotry compared

In his Newsletter last Friday, Jim Fitzpatrick made an interesting comparison of the opposition by the Orange Order to a proposed visit by the Pope to Northern Ireland with Sinn Fein’s opposition to a proposed visit by the Queen. Highlighting … Continue reading

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