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Could we have a constitutional lock to protect our economy?

There were plenty of attacks on the Labour Party during the Conservative Party conference.  They were not just enjoyable to listen to.  They were justified.  However, there was one part of David Cameron’s speech which did perplex me slightly.  Of … Continue reading

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It is time we all got behind Sammy

Anybody who knows me is well aware that I am no fan of DUP politicians.  However, sometimes, some of them deserve support.  One such politician is Sammy Wilson, a politician that I criticised when he was Environmental Minister. Since his … Continue reading

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If Northern Ireland politicians played the Centre Right game with the Conservatives, the rewards could be enormous

At the moment, the UK has a budget deficit of around £150 billion a year.  The Coalition Government has embarked upon an austerity package which will see that deficit reduced to £20 billion over the next 5 years.   The National … Continue reading

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Cutting public spending creates more votes for the Conservatives in 5 years time?

An interesting angle on the budget has been provided by James Forsyth in the Spectator.  Forsyth portrays George Osborne as a Tory equivalent of Gordon Brown, seeing the budget in terms of political calculation.  He believes that whereas Brown created … Continue reading

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