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Bigotry in Britain and Northern Ireland

There is a lot of  political news at the moment and I am trying to catch my breath – the resignation of Alan Johnson, Shadow Chancellor and the announcement of a General Election in the Republic of Ireland.   As I … Continue reading

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Sein Fein parades itself

In the Newsletter and in my local papers, it was reported that a parade, which took place in Fermanagh on New Years Day, was illegal. The parade was said to be illegal because no request had been made to the … Continue reading

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Robinson is moving the DUP towards becoming a moderate party

Following my last announcement that I would be resting from blogging for a while, a story by the BBC has just caught my eye.  Now it goes without saying that I can not resist reading the political rune sticks. It is … Continue reading

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An Orangeman could attract Catholic votes if ……

During and after the UUP leadership election campaign, there was plenty of media focus upon the implications of Tom Elliott’s membership of the Orange Order.  In my last post, I highlighted an article by Liam Clarke.  Clarke suggested that Elliott should be … Continue reading

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The Pope should have been left in peace during his visit to Britain

There has been a lot of hoo ha over the Pope’s visit to Britain.  The Pope has been greeted by attacks from various organisations with an axe to grind.  Not all of the attackers were from secular organisations.  Of course, … Continue reading

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