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Orange and Green bigotry compared

In his Newsletter last Friday, Jim Fitzpatrick made an interesting comparison of the opposition by the Orange Order to a proposed visit by the Pope to Northern Ireland with Sinn Fein’s opposition to a proposed visit by the Queen. Highlighting … Continue reading

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They must have read my post!

All right, the headline for this post is probably a little bit fanciful but this is a bit more light-hearted than usual. Nearly three weeks ago, I published a post regarding a possible visit to Ireland by the Queen. I concluded the post by … Continue reading

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A new party and a not so new North Down supper club

The North Down supper club meets every month, usually at the Royal Hotel in Bangor. It is an institution which is now part of the Conservative Party of Northern Ireland. Every now and then, I go to the supper club … Continue reading

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Pressure grows from within Ireland for a visit from the Queen next year

It has been reported by RTE news that businessmen in Kerry are lobbying for the Queen to be invited there next year to mark the 150th Anniversary of a visit to Killarney by Queen Victoria in 1861.     Such an anniversary … Continue reading

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