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Congratulations to Enda Kenny

Whilst I have followed the Irish General Election in detail, I have thus far avoided commenting upon it.  The result was never in doubt.  Only the exact distribution of seats.   With the Election now over, it is time to congratulate … Continue reading

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Earthquake – We are rather lucky not to be facing likely natural danger

At the moment, people in and near Christchurch, New Zealand are surviving and recovering from an earthquake which appears to have taken about 200 lives.  Natural disasters have always been around.  They vary in size and magnitude.  Indeed, this disaster … Continue reading

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If the UUP dont like that, they can do their worst

Mark Cosgrove, UUP treasurer, has written a comment accusing me of lying, in relation to my previous post setting out the UUP’s failure to pay £50,000 into a joint fund. My source did not come out of “thin air.”  I will not mention … Continue reading

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UUPs financial weaknesses make it completely untrustworthy

Last week, it was reported by Mark Devenport and subsequently confirmed by other bloggers, including Chekov that the UUP is now asking the Government to provide finance to enable it to go into opposition. At the moment, there are two … Continue reading

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Why regional identity is a much bigger problem for the Conservatives than Labour

We tend to think that within the UK, it is only Northern Ireland which has identity politics. Putting that conventional thought another way, Northern Ireland’s politics would be identity politics along a Unionist / Nationalist axis, whilst the rest of … Continue reading

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What next for NI Centre Right?

For better or for worse, the Northern Ireland Conservatives have given up their rebellion against CCHQ. They claim to have a package of support from CCHQ which (a) Apparently increases their internal influence (b) Apparently allows them to put up … Continue reading

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UUP accuses Conservatives about breaking promises

Not promises about not putting up Assembly candidates – yet.  However, for Conservative Yoopyphobes, there is a cheering headline to a report in the Belfast Telegraph today. David McNarry has called for Owen Paterson’s head following his stated refusal to … Continue reading

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Conservatives prepare for UUP failure but they might still be hedging

At long last, agreement has finally been reached between the Northern Ireland Regional Conservatives and the Conservative leadership on a strategy for promoting Conservativism into the future. The Party has issued the following announcement copied by email to the membership: … Continue reading

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Bigotry in Britain and Northern Ireland

There is a lot of  political news at the moment and I am trying to catch my breath – the resignation of Alan Johnson, Shadow Chancellor and the announcement of a General Election in the Republic of Ireland.   As I … Continue reading

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A very French slip of the tongue

If Martin McGuinness made a speech about his home city which began with the words “It is great to be back in Londonderry,” what would his supporters think? OK, you all know the answer. A Nationalist or Republican would usually … Continue reading

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