If the UUP dont like that, they can do their worst

Mark Cosgrove, UUP treasurer, has written a comment accusing me of lying, in relation to my previous post setting out the UUP’s failure to pay £50,000 into a joint fund.

My source did not come out of “thin air.”  I will not mention any name, since anonymity was requested when the information was fed to me.  I respect that.  I also strongly believe the story to be genuine.  It came from a Conservative party official.

If a libel action did take place, I would use the opportunity to discover all of the UUP’s relevant books and bank accounts, as well similar documents from the Conservatives.  Furthermore, I would subpoena my sources and other people that have been quoted to me as being directly involved in these funding arrangements.  I have no reason to suppose that those people would deny, on oath, that the UUP had failed to pay the £50,000 that it owes.

So, Mr. Cosgrove, here is the challenge to you and your party colleagues.  Show me reliable evidence, which will satisfy me that you did pay your £50,000 share.  To make that easier for you, I will undertake to keep any material used to make that proof confidential, if you consider it to be particularly sensitive.  If you succeed in delivering that proof, you and your party will get an unreserved apology. 

Until the UUP do that, these posts will not be withdrawn.  If they dont like that, they can do their worst.

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15 Responses to If the UUP dont like that, they can do their worst

  1. Mark Cosgrove says:

    My contact details are readily available online (as you know I am a public representitive). Give me a ring / drop me an email with your contact details and I will arrange to show you the relevant part of the Conservative and Ulster Unionist Joint Committees bank statements to ensure there are absolutely no grey areas. Or if you talk to my Conservative colleague who was the Joint Treasuer you will save yourself some work. I appreciate you believe your source. You are being mislead (for the sake of a cheap dig). Look forward to hearing from you soon.

    • Seymour Major says:


      I will indeed take up your offer and pay a visit as quickly as I can.

      Readers should take note and retain an open mind until I have seen the documents.

      “Watch this space”

  2. Conservative says:

    Could it be Mr Cosgrove that the £50,000 refers to an amount agreed for the Euro election? Or rather £100,000 agreed and only £50,000 paid. The remainder paid from Conservative funds. I’m sure your UCUNF figures are quite different and quite in order as you stated

  3. Editor says:

    Mark while you are opening your books it might be good to refer to the arrangements relating to the sale of Cunningham House i.e. how much the UUP paid for it, to whom it was sold and how much profit or loss you made on the transaction when you disposed of the property. I’m sure you would agree that clarity in these matters in always to be welcomed. I’m sure you want the Party to be open and accountable to the voting public to whom you hope to appeal. Hmm?

  4. Editor says:

    Oh, also, Mark here is the correct spelling of “representative”. I’m sure you would also agree that correct spelling sets an example for our young people. Oh and “Joint Committee’s bank statements” should have that apostrophe denoting ownership. Oh and I think you meant “misled” rather than “mislead”. Are these cheap digs? Perhaps, but surely you agree that well written English is important to ensure clarity of communication? Just as open book accounting is important to ensure trust in people who seek to represent the electorate.

  5. Conservative says:

    I think we will have to take Mark Cosgrove’s silence in response to my previous post as no comment!

  6. Oh dear – such personal attacks never do justice to a case, no matter how strong that case is.

    In fairness, NI has plenty of grammar school educated pedants, but very few risk-taking, hard-working, entrepreneurial wealth and job creators.

    Plenty among us fall into the former camp by chance. Mr Cosgrove is one of very few who fall into the latter camp by diligence, professionalism and graft.

    I’ve good reason to disagree politically with Mr Cosgrove on occasion, in the spirit of respectful democratic debate. But I’m quite clear that while NI already has its fair share of pedants and could probably do without a few of them, it needs more like Mr Cosgrove, not fewer.

  7. Mark Cosgrove says:

    Jeff, I will have to be careful not to make any mistakes (In a blog I care more about the substance than the presentation). Apologies for not replying sooner (Believe it or not I actually dont look at all of this every day. Too busy trying to make a difference when I get out of bed in the morning!!. Hundreds of peoples livelyhoods more important to me than checking my spelling and grammar etc. Fuel costs, Constituent banking issues, Availability of credit and supply. I am under a lot of pressure doing trying to develop my company (not to mention non secterian centre right politics). Rather more important to me as a centre right conservative than reading titilating blogs or indeed the spelling contained in them.

    1. Still waiting for contact from Seymour. Have you asked Irwin? Might save you a trip. Looking forward to the retraction which I accept you have been mislead on.

    2. Jeff. Delighted to explain Cunningham House.

    i. The UUP have not sold Cunningham House so I cannot declare a profit / loss on its sale.
    ii. We have created a LLP and retain 80% ownership of it. (As per our audited accounts by PWC)
    iii. We have a long term tenant in the building.
    iv. Owning and controlling the asset means that the UUP ruling Executive can still do what ever it wants with it. Let it. Sell it. Develop it.

    If you have any other queries dont hesitate to contact me.

  8. Conservative says:

    No response then to my previous posts Mr Cosgrove?
    This is about monies relating to Jim Nicholson’s campaign. Confirm or deny please.

  9. Mark Cosgrove says:

    I dont actually know the question you are asking.

    I am responding to the specific allegation that the UUP and the Conservative Party promised £50,000 each to jointly finance the Joint Committee and that the UUP didnt honour the agreement. I have said that this is a lie because the UUP paid its 50,000 in on time and before our colleagues .All I am looking for is a full retraction and I am sure from what Seymour has said that this will be the case once he sees the proof.

    If you are referring to something different than that please advise. I will at the outset reiterate. ALL UUP financial commitments in relation to UCUNF / The Joint Committee / Jim Nicholsons campaign / The Westminster campaign and everything else have been hounoured in full.

  10. Conservative says:

    That is incorrect Mr Cosgrove. I think you need to check your facts. The UUP made a commitment of £100,000 for the Euro campaign and then provided half of that amount. I hope you have evidence to the contrary.

  11. Editor says:

    Mark, only just read your comments today – I’m so glad that Ulster is in your safe and hard-working hands. Such commitment.

  12. Editor says:

    Oh and Ian – I do hope you and Mark will be happy together – it’s wonderful to witness the mutual regard. Great, too, to finally find someone else to exalt Mr Cosgrove’s business brilliance (he normally does that for himself).

  13. Conservative says:

    Can we assume after almost 3 weeks silence there is some merit in my previous post? The UUP really are a pathetic motely disorientated crew that thoroughly deserve the thrashing they are about to get

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