Ian Parsley on the resignation of the two Harries as the UUP reels from more defections

Ian Parsley has written two posts in relation to the recent defections from the UUP. The latest was about Harry Hamilton. Both are worth a read. However, the first one, following the resignation of Harry Dunlop to the UUP slices like a knife through butter. Parsley compares the UUP to a business looking for a market, rather than putting itself in a position to promote its politics.

“It has been stated before on this blog that the UUP seems close to unique in the way that it seeks out a market, rather than positions itself to sell its case. I believe it is not coincidental that so many people in the current Leadership are businessmen (including farmers), for whom “seeking out a market” is the natural way of things. It is in business, but it is not in politics. This is the reason for the sheer mystification that while the UUP Leadership fiddles while seeking out its market, its operations staff are disappearing to its competitors who already have one.”

Read the whole article here

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