Nick who?

A few weeks ago, Jeffrey Peel wrote a piece called “Yummy Mummies”  He observed how middle class conversations in Northern Ireland tended to exclude discussions about politics. 

I have tried to engender an interest in politics towards my offspring.  In the case of my daughter, I have failed miserably.   She has just begun life as an undergraduate at Queen’s University.  She has never taken an interest in politics.  She rarely watches the News or reads a Newspaper (bless her heart). 

On Friday afternoon, she was walking through the main hall of the University and spotted a man in a lighter coloured suit being accompanied by men in dark suits.  She also noticed the utmost respect that fellow students were paying to this man.  She heard one say “Mr. Clegg,” thought that he looked and sounded familiar and walked on. 

When she told me the story, I picked up my copy of the Belfast Telegraph and showed her this picture.  “Was he the man in the middle?” I said.

He was.  Perhaps a QUB student reading this will succeed where I have failed.

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1 Response to Nick who?

  1. GoldenFleece says:

    Totally jealous of your daughter, would have loved to seen Nick Clegg!!

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