David Cameron ‘offered’ merger with UUP during party conference

Northern Ireland Conservatives have been wondering, throughout the summer, why there has been no proper direction from the Party leadership about the direction in which they want to take the party.

In this week’s Impartial Reporter, it has been revealed that David Cameron offered to Tom Elliot that the Conservative Party merge with the UUP.   According to the Impartial, Elliott “angrily” rejected the offer.

I do not believe that David Cameron thought there was any chance that Elliott would agree.  Nearly 2 years ago, the Conservative Party tried to negotiate a merger with the UUP.  The proposal was rejected back then.  I believe that there was a large element of jest in the offer made by Cameron.  Had it not been anything other than an offer of jest, it would have represented a clear belief by Cameron that he regarded the UUP as having no other option, except to face political oblivion.

So where does this leave the Northern Ireland Conservatives?  Are they now free to fight the UUP full opponents and contest elections in the Assembly?

There has to be a reason why David Cameron made a jestful offer.  Apart from the likelihood that it indicates an element of contempt for the UUP, I am not yet fully reading the game being played by David Cameron.   Any insightful comments or information on this interesting subject would be welcome.

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3 Responses to David Cameron ‘offered’ merger with UUP during party conference

  1. I think you take an overly charitable view of this incident, Seymour. I have a lot of respect for Cameron, but his Northern Ireland policy has been an utter disaster and this offer merely shows that he is still pursuing that same policy. Conservative Unionism and Ulster Unionism may have superficial similarities, but spring from fundamentally different roots. Cameron did not appreciate that when he initiated UCUNF, and he has neither said nor done anything to indicate he has changed his mind since. The sooner the NI Conservatives distance themselves from this foolishness the better.

  2. emanonon says:

    I don’t think the Tories will have anything to do with us in future, Cameron is probably trying to find a way to say F. O. politely to us. Why would he want to be linked to a party that is going nowhere and would have a begging bowl out at the first opportunity.

    I just can’t see David Blue and Tom Orange being best buddies, can anyone else?

  3. Seymour Major says:


    It is possible that I am being too charitable.

    My problem is that, at the moment, I can not see what David Cameron’s objective is. Could it be that they think that a dialogue with the UUP is required so that when the UUP ship finanlly sinks (possibly after the next assembly elections) then a big chunk of the Basis McCrea band will defect to the Conservative Party?

    I apologise to the Conservative leaders for making that suggestion if it is not true. If it is true, then it is stupid an naive.

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