Paula Bradshaw leaves the UUP

It has now been reported that Paula Bradshaw, previously the UCUNF candidate in South Belfast, has left the ULster Unionist Party.

Commenting on Trevor Ringland’s departure a few days ago, Owen Polley said

“He quits hot on the heals of the news about Paula Bradshaw and although it is in slightly unusual circumstances, it will become much more significant if the trickle of departures becomes a stream.” 

This only helps to add to the traditional concentrate of what is left of UUP support in an established political party.  Consequently, this is development is unlikely to be in the interest of anybody who wants normal politics.  Then again, one does not know what might come out of the mix.  I had hoped that the UUP would at least be able to retain some of its next-generation talent from the Progressive wing, which might take over control of the party in the future.  The question now is ‘will Paula’s departure will become part of a stream?’

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