Conference: Conservative speakers on top form

I have thoroughly enjoyed listening to the speeches from various conservative spokespersons and Ministers.  William Hague gave a fabulous introduction on Sunday night.   There has, of course, been no shortage of arrows fired at the Labour Party.

What is particularly impressive is (a) their sense of mission (b) their solidarity with the Lib Dems as coalition partners (c) there has been an apparent shift in Conservative values.  There is greater compassion towards the poor and disadvantaged than I have ever known as a conservative follower.  

Michael Gove gave a superb and passionate speech about educational underachievement by children from poor families and his proposals to tackle it.  Ian Duncan Smith demonstrated an unusual depth of authority on the subject of poverty.   Now he is about to spearhead one of the most radical shake-ups of the Welfare system.   

Overall, the Conservatives have demonstrated that they did not waste their time during all of those years of opposition.   Two days to go.  More of the same please!

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