Series of Articles appear in the Belfast Telegraph about bringing normal politics to Northern Ireland

Lat week, a series of articles appeared in the Belfast Telegraph on the initiative of David Gordon. 

Mr. Gordon had invited writers from across the political and academic spectra in Northern Ireland to provide ideas as to how Northern Ireland can move on from Identity/Sectarian politics to Issue/Cross-Community politics.  Mr. Gordon is to be congratulated for his initiative.

I have provided links below to the various articles.  I have now published a post about their content.  

It’s time for a new approach to Northern Ireland Politics – David Gordon (Belfast Telegraph reporter)

Let’s seize the moment to bridge the divide – David Gordon

Common ground politics is the future, or we’re history – Professor Rick Wilford (Professor of Politics at Queen’s University, Belfast)

Is this Stormont really what the Electorate voted for? – David Gordon

The Middle Ground’s now ready to take centre stage – Robin Wilson (chairman of Platform for Change, a group campaigning for more positive politics in Northern Ireland)

Bread and butter policies will suffer under a single unionist block – Owen Polley (Belfast Telegraph journalist, blogger and member of the Ulster Unionist Party.)

Parties need to develop policies – Lee Reynolds (DUP advisor and blogger)

Disinterested voters move to the fore in unionist equation – Dr. Peter Shirlow (Lecturer in Law at Queen’s University Belfast and author of a newly published book, ‘Abandoning Historical Conflict?’)

Law of unintended consequences may scupper pact bid – Professor Liam Kennedy (Professor of Economic and Social History, Queen’s University, Belfast)

Voters Count cost of bigotry – Conall McDevitt (SDLP MLA for South Belfast)

Nationalists must articulate a future that’s all-inclusive Chris Donnelly (blogger and former Sinn Fein council candidate)

A popular front could be answer to tribal politics – Jenny Muir (blogger and Lecturer in Planning, Queen’s University, Belfast and member of the British Labour Party)

UCUNF not the end for Tories – Jeffrey Peel (Former Vice Chairman of Northern Ireland Conservative Party)

Mending our divided society makes sense economically – Naomi Long (MP, MLA, Mayor of Belfast City Council and Deputy Leader of the Alliance Party)

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