There will be no new pact between the Conservatives and the UUP

Yesterday I attended the AGM of the Northern Ireland Conservative Party.  Firstly, I express my wishes for the best that can be achieved to Irwin Armstrong, the newly elected Chairman and the other newly elected members of the Committee.

When I arrived at the meeting, I wanted establish whether there was any doubt remaining that there would be no further agreements between the Conservatives and the UUP.  The answer was very emphatic.  There will not be.  The behaviour of UUP officials is a very large part of the reason for that.  Without going into any detail, what was described to me can be summed up by precisely the same words that Margaret Thatcher used to accuse the Argentine Junta when the negotiations to resolve the Falklands Crisis collapsed –

 “Obduracy, delay, deception and bad faith

 A positive start then!

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4 Responses to There will be no new pact between the Conservatives and the UUP

  1. RJ says:

    thank god the tories are going to stop interfering in the Internal Affairs of the North of Ireland the happiest news.

  2. Seymour Major says:

    Officially the agreement reached on 20-11-08 is still alive. Jim Nicholson was elected under the terms of that agreement and he is obliged to continue to take the Conservative Whip until the next EU election in 2014.

    What I am saying is there will be no new agreement regarding Assembly or Council Elections.

  3. Tomagaddy says:

    RJ when you wake up tomorrow digest the Budget and re assess your nonsense that the Tories are going to stop interfering in NI. They are the Govt and thankfully unlike our tinpot Assembly they have the balls to take hard decisions!

  4. Editor says:

    Yes I gather from Neil Johnston that Irwin Armstrong is of the view that the relationship is terminally damaged and that the UUP leadership has acted appallingly – not much surprise there then. I’ll resist the temptation to gloat and suggest instead that if the Party genuinely wants to move forward then the U word cannot be used – but for different reasons to yours Seymour.

    As I have written many times on my blog I believe that Unionism is simply a euphemism for Protestantism. So when the UUP talks about the Unionist people it actually means the Protestant people – and probably the god-fearing ones at that.

    That in essence is what is wrong with Unionism. It is a stunted quasi-ideology. It is irrelevant to the 43% of voters who couldn’t bother to vote and many who voted reluctantly.

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