A tribute to Horseman

I wish to pay tribute to horseman (a pseudonym), the editor of ‘Ulster’s Doomed’ who passed away recently.

Horseman was a Nationalist political Blogger.  He paraded many statistics and wrote many posts to argue that demography would eventually see in a United Ireland.  I did not agree with a lot of what he said and I had my fair share of scraps with him.  However, the quality of his posts and his gift for finding unusual political angles drew me to his blog on a regular basis.   I will miss his posts.

My condolences are sent to his family and his friends.

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4 Responses to A tribute to Horseman

  1. shane says:

    Just seen this on Slugger. How sad – his posts were always well-researched and thought provoking. I was wondering why he wasn’t updating his blog. His avatar is now all the more chilling. RIP Horseman

    • Seymour Major says:

      Well said.

      I have one twinge of regret which is that I never got to see his take on the proposal for a new NI Centre Right party which was neutral on the constitution.

      His take on normal politics was that you had to keep a Nationalist Presence in politics in order to keep alive the United Ireland idea. That is something I disagreed with him about but I think he would have thought that if normal politics could be brought to NI, it would have diminished the chances of a unitied ireland being voted for in a future referendum.

      • Indeed. Horseman was foremost in my mind when I wrote my People’s Party proposal. He was an excellent example of how left-right politics can cut right across the constitutional question, and represented a constituency that is completely absent from today’s Assembly, and which I believe is larger than most give credit for. We need a politics that represents as many people as possible, not just the ones that fit into convenient pigeon holes. Horseman never fitted in a pigeon hole, and for that he earned my respect.

  2. Editor says:

    So agree…he was a superb blogger and had a brilliant incisive perspective on things. A very sad loss.

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