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Ian Parsley on the resignation of the two Harries as the UUP reels from more defections

Ian Parsley has written two posts in relation to the recent defections from the UUP. The latest was about Harry Hamilton. Both are worth a read. However, the first one, following the resignation of Harry Dunlop to the UUP slices … Continue reading

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2010 – A Space Odeyssy

For the second time I have broken cover from my self-imposed blogging moratorium.  It is, however, something which touches and concerns the future direction of Conservativism in Northern Ireland.   On October 19th, Eamon Mallie wrote a post on Slugger O’Toole … Continue reading

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Tom Elliott will manage the UUP to their whimper

In the Guardian today, it is reported that Danny Kennedy, an ally of Tom Elliot, has stated that he wishes to retain ties with the Conservatives at Parliamentary level.  The model that he aspires to is similar to that which … Continue reading

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Two incompatible objectives

Ian Parsley was not expected to beat Lady Sylvia Hermon in North Down at the General election.  However, it was also expected that he and any other candidate who represented UCUNF would be standing as candidates in their respective constituencies … Continue reading

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